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The Brief

I've been creating websites for a very long time (10+ years) and in that time I've amassed quite a bit of knowledge on the best ways to build websites.

After pondering the best avenues to give back and help out aspiring web designers and developers, I began planning out ideas for a blog where I could put my ideas and knowledge somewhere anyone can find them.

The goal of the project was always to give back what I've learned in the hopes anyone out there needing a helping hand can get the answer they're looking for.

The snippets section used to house handy pieces of code

What I Did

After numerous sketches and wireframes, I began designing the very first versions of Inspirational Pixels. Unfortunately the first few designs didn't hit the mark I was looking for.

I kept working until I got something that resembled my original concept, from there I iterated over different parts of the design until it was finally built.

Over the last 4 years since it's inception, Inspirational Pixels has been such a joy for me to work on, mainly because I've been able to help so many people via the comments and emails received.

A code block that can be embedded in any post or page

The Result

The site you see today comes after years of writing, coding and designing the get something that puts all the content in the right places.

Each category is clearly labeled with an icon to make each one distinguishable. This becomes incredibly handy when viewing an article preview as the icon show in the header is replicated there.

If you've got a article-focused site I'd be more than happy to help. It's all about the next step in helping you get the content to the readers with less friction.

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Seb is not only great at design and development, but he is a problem solver who always delivers an exceptional quality of work. Highly recommended.

Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify

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