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A service which helps everyday people connect with local farms in New Jersey. Everybody wants to know where their food is coming from, so this is the perfect way to do just that. Farm to table, enabled.

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The Brief

I was initially contacted by someone I’d previously worked with on a similar agricultural project, this time they wanted me to lead the design of a new online “farm to table” delivery service.

The main aim of the project is to connect everyday people with farms in New Jersey, so they can get fresh produce direct from the supplier. No middle-men like large grocery stores or food that’s been tampered with for longer shelf life. With 47Farms, people know exactly where their food is coming from.

There was a lot of planning to do on this project, mainly because it’s quite a complex site with many different views for the customer to see, especially during the sign up process.

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What I Did

The first step was to gather any information I could and get it all laid out in front of me. With the proper information gathered, it was then a matter of creating some initial sketches to figure out how the site should look, how it would work and what sort of experience to create for mobile and tablet users.

The design stage came next, where the entire site was designed from scratch to be completely user friendly and to make getting fresh produce as simple as possible. A lot went into the design of the site, and lots of incredibly useful feedback was given by the client. In the end the site emerges as a well crafted, good looking and easy to user interface.

On top of designing the site, I also wrote the code for the page templates that are now live on the site. I did this in conjunction with a back-end developer who implemented all the custom eCommerce functionality.

The Result

The result has been a great success, there are already a huge number of farms signed up to start supplying and a lot of interest is gathering around the service.

The client has been very pleased with my designs and coded templates, which has actually prompted them to ask me to stay on for an extra couple of months to continually improve the site after launch.

The live site is still a work in progress while the back-end developers get all my code implemented. That being said, I encourage you to check out the final website to get a good look at the functionality behind my designs.

Seb is not only great at design and development, but he is a problem solver who always delivers an exceptional quality of work. Highly recommended.

Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify

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