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Desktop Screenshot: Temple Beth Emunah

Mobile Screenshot: Temple Beth Emunah

Temple Beth Emunah

TBE is a warm and welcoming synagogue based in Massachusetts. They are home to many interfaith couples, multi-racial families, gay/lesbian congregants and pride themselves on being a pillar of the local community.

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Desktop Screenshot: 47Farms

Mobile Screenshot: 47Farms


47Farms is a service which helps everyday people connect with local farms in New Jersey. Everybody wants to know where their food is coming from, so this is the perfect way to do just that. Farm to table, enabled.

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Desktop Screenshot: Chargify

Mobile Screenshot: Chargify


Chargify is a SaaS company that helps you deal with subscription and recurring billing for your business. I was contacted by their head of marketing to help them revamp the old, out of date website.

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Desktop Screenshot: Inspirational Pixels

Mobile Screenshot: Inspirational Pixels

Inspirational Pixels

Inspirational Pixels is a web design blog. It’s focus is improving the skills of web designers and developers through the use of tutorials, articles, videos, code snippets and more.

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