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TBE is a warm and welcoming synagogue based in Massachusetts. They are home to many interfaith couples, multi-racial families, gay/lesbian congregants and pride themselves on being a pillar of the local community.

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The Brief

A progressive and inviting synagogue based in Massachusetts, Temple Beth Emunah is a fantastically friendly community that was unfortunately stuck in the past with an old, outdated website.

I was contacted by Stuart Kirsch, someone I knew from a previous job, about designing and developing his synagogue a brand new website from scratch.

The idea was to take most of the content from the current site and bring it into the new design. This meant the new site was designed around the content, meaning everything on the site would feel like it belonged there.

What I Did

After out initial meeting, I set out creating a plan of action by doing research, sketching concepts and making notes of all the ways the old site worked, and just as importantly, how it didn’t.

After I had a solid idea on the best layout for the site (something that would perfectly house the content) I created wireframes of all the top pages and consulted with the management team at the temple and gathered their thoughts.

They were pleased with the layouts I’d come up with, so I moved onto the design stage. Here I spent roughly two weeks crafting an interface that was still inline with the original wireframes, but had more character and vibrancy to it.

After a couple of extra feature requests and some great feedback, I began writing the code that would become the new site. I set up the new site on WordPress and created a unique, custom theme especially for the synagogue.

The End Result

In the end the new theme works perfectly cross-browser, has some nice yet subtle animations to aid the navigation and is built for scalability because of all the events the synagogue puts on.

I’m happy to say that the project went incredibly smoothly and was a real joy to plan out, design and develop into the site you see today.

Everyone at Temple Beth Emunah is still to this day pleased with the new website. It’s more easily accessible to the community at large, works great on mobile-devices because of a responsive design and provides a central hub for everything going on.

Please don’t hesitate to check out the site which is now live and in use!

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