Chargify is a SaaS company that helps you deal with subscription and recurring billing for your business. I was contacted by their head of marketing to help them revamp the old, out of date website.

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The Brief

I was really happy when Chargify’s director of marketing asked me to work with them to get what they had to the next level.

After a call over Skype, we talked about what they had and where to take it. They had a base for the new site and knew what they wanted, so it was my job get them there using my skills as both a designer and developer.

After the Skype call, we got to work on a Trello board to keep track of all the work. The main things we tracked were items to-do, in-progress, completed and “nice to haves” (which were things we wanted, but weren’t essential to the project).

What I Did

The first order of business, after organising all current tasks and goals in Trello, was to take stock of what was already in place. There had been a developer who made a start, but didn’t get them all the way.

Over the last six months, I’ve worked closely with a few of the guys at Chargify to primarily do two things, rework their site from the ground up and make it responsive.

The Chargify site gets a lot of traffic, with a large amount of new customers signing up everyday, so a lot of care was taken to make the experience of using the site painless as possible.

The Result

The new site is now mobile friendly, optimised to handle new sign ups and instills trust in a worthwhile brand.

I’ve heard from the marketing team that things have done nothing but increase since the new site went live, and the whole team loved it when they got a peek.

I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Chargify, and hope to continue working with them long into the future.

If you’d like to work with me on a project like this, please get in touch.

Seb is not only great at design and development, but he is a problem solver who always delivers an exceptional quality of work. Highly recommended.

Testimonials from Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify Adam Feber, Director of Marketing at Chargify

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