Web Design

(Putting Users First)

Having the right look is what matters. However design isn't just the way it looks, it's the way it works. I don't just design websites I design the experiences within those websites.

Have a look at my Dribbble profile to see my style and how I design for users, not against them. Great websites give great experiences and should be as easy as can be for you customers to achieve what they came to your site for.

Web Development

(Desktop to Mobile)

My areas of expertise are in HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery and WordPress. Over the years I've created a framework which integrates itself perfectly into any project because of its modular, maintainable nature.

Everything I write is works perfectly in all modern web browsers. This also includes mobile. I don't target specific devices but instead use a responsive approach for devices of all shapes and sizes.

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My name is Seb Kay. To put it simply, I create websites with both design and code.

Over the years my process has evolved and matured to a point where everything is streamlined for the best way of completing work efficiently and to a high quality.

I've been making websites for a long time now. It all started between five and six years ago. I was becoming unsatisfied with my current lifestyle and needed a change, at which point I discovered coding.

After about 6 months of playing with code on and off I realised I could make a living out of my favourite hobby. I began teaching myself how to design websites as well as code them. Today I'm at a point where everything I design and code is streamlined to give the end user the best experience possible.

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